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We would not be engineers, if we had no new ideas about how to make our lives easier, more convenient and safer. However, ideas alone are useless. Instead, they must be developed into a successful product. And from an idea, the new generation of Solve data logger was born. A system platform, which can be used as a basis for a variety of logger applications – complemented with our competence in monitoring. Arrange a presentation time and see for yourself. You will be surprised what solutions we present.

Data Logger Features
  • Modular system with interface expansion
  • 3-Axis acceleration measurements up to 200g
  • Configuration and data upload directly from the cloud services
  • Integration of different sensors
  • 100% conformity to standards (EN15433-6)
  • Size up to 40 x 60 mm (without housing)
  • Power management with minimum power consumption for autonomous recording up to one year (with battery)
  • Storage capacity for up to 500 million measurement values
Software Features
  • Cloud Application configuration and data upload
  • Data availability regardless of time, place and platform
  • Centralized management of all devices and measurement data
  • Detailed analysis of the recorded data
  • Individual export and reporting Options