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FAQ Software

System Requirements

Q: Is the LogView software also available for other operating systems?

A: The LogView software is at the moment only available for Windows operating systems. Please contact us, when you wish a software for other operating systems.

FAQ Hardware


Q: Can Solve data loggers also record temperature and humidity?

A: Yes. The g-log data loggers in the sth series are equipped with a combination sensor for temperature and humidity.

Q: Can the storage capacity of the data loggers be enlarged?

A: Yes, the devices can be delivered on request with a greater storage capacity.

Shock measurement

Q: How does shock measurement work?

A: The shock measurement of the g-log data logger is based on event-controlled technology. In other words, the measurement device operates on standby until acceleration occurs.

Q: With what logging frequency are shock events recorded?

A: The logging frequency for shock measurement is 1 kHz.The first measurement is logged approx. 1 – 1.5 ms after the threshold has been reached.

Q: Can Solve g-log data loggers register the tilting of goods?

A: Yes. Since gravity is also measured, the position of the goods can also be determined from the recordings of the shock events.

Q: Can Solve g-log data loggers ascertain from which direction forces have been exerted on the goods?

A: Yes, shock is logged on three axes. This enables the direction from which the force came to be determined.

Temperature-/ humidity measuring

Q: Where is the differences between the internal temperature sensor and the external sensor, for temperature and relative atmospheric humidity (sthX series)?

A: The internal temperature sensor measures the environmental temperature exclusively during a shock event while the external T/rH sensor includes the climatic conditions in a programmable interval.