Making data visible.

No matter whether it’s long data curves or events you want to display, and whether you want them presented as graphics or as tables – our LogView software enables you to analyse, administer and evaluate the data you have collected quickly and easily.

  • Accustomed Windows environment
  • All important functions easily accessible in the menu bar via mouse click
  • Comprehensive zoom function
  • Foolproof programming
  • Convenient print function to ensure documentation is complete
  • Measurements displayed as curves or tables
Programming made easy

You think it’s difficult to programme a data logger? Our wizard won’t agree. The wizard leads you through the programming of a new series of measurements, known as a ‘mission’. Easily comprehensible, the various functions of the data logger can be adapted, or default settings selected. Contact us and see for yourself how simple it is to use.

The right software package for all applications
  1. LogView Standard
    Tried and trusted standard package comprising all the important basic functions for programming and analysing data.
  2. LogView Pro with frequency analysis and data filter
    The spectrum analysis (FFT) offers you a simple and fast overview of the oscillations in each event. Thus, for example, you’ll know immediately if goods to be conveyed are prone to vibrations, and the frequency with which such vibrations occur. For the first time, LogView Professional includes freely configurable high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters, making the data more meaningful. Using these various filters, interfering frequencies can be suppressed in graphs, hence revealing the decisive progression of the shock.
  3. LogView Lite
    LogView Lite has all the functions included in the standard version, but cannot connect up to a g-log data logger. The lite version has the following restrictions:
  • It is not possible to programme data loggers
  • Recorded data cannot be read
  • No storage function

LogView Lite can be downloaded free of charge. To install the software, send us an email with your address once you’ve completed the download, and we will send you a product key immediately.

  • New functionality in version 2.01
  • Support of old and new g-log data loggers (USB and RS-232)
  • Clearer display when alarm thresholds are exceeded
  • Conforms 100% to EN 15433-6 norms (replacing DIN 30787 norms)
  • Low-battery warning for backup batteries – increased data protection
  • 100% compatible with Windows 7
  • Simple licensing / licence changes
  • Alarm filter with time frame
  • Frequency spectrum analysis in the LogView Pro version
  • Data filtering in the LogView Pro version