g-log vibra

Very soon, nothing will be able to shake you.

Vibrations occur in many places in the world of technology. For the most part, they are undesirable, as they cause noise or palpable interference, or lessen the life span of the product. Thus it is important to eliminate as many unwanted vibrations as possible right at the start, during the development phase of the product. But getting rid of an error you don’t know about is tricky. And in contrast to other physical variables, vibrations and impact can be difficult to measure. Our goal in developing the g-log vibra was to create a measuring device that is not only sturdy and reliable, but also simple to operate. For example, an FFT analysis of vibrations can be conducted straight away using the software provided. Status LEDs clearly display the activities of the logger throughout the entire measurement process.
  • Continuous acceleration measurement in all 3 axes
  • Areas of acceleration: ± 5g |± 35g | ± 70g (other ranges on demand)
  • Sample rate of 2kHz
  • Sturdy aluminium housing, IP65
  • Data simple to assess: read via USB, analyse on your computer using the software provided
  • Standard batteries for low operating costs
  • Approx. 200 vibration measurements per 8 minutes
  • Internal temperature measurement

The g-log vibra is an extremely easy-to-use measurement device for measuring acceleration. The measurement device is configured using software we ourselves developed, and records vibrations, oscillations and impact completely independently. Measurements are logged on a continuous basis and not, as with the data logger, based on events. Thus the vibra logger is ideally suited for measurements where movement and oscillations need to be analysed.

Once a measurement is finished, the logger is connected up to the computer – and just a few clicks later, the measurement data is read and first evaluations can follow.

Areas of application
  • Product development
  • Searching for errors in machines
  • Vibration analyses
  • Measuring handling units
  • Monitoring brief, highly critical transports
  • Measuring passenger comfort levels
  • Quality control for application in the field of logistics
LogView software

To analyse, administer or assess g-log sth2 records, you’ll need the appropriate software. LogView enables you to visualise all events – whether in graphic or table formVery soon, nothing will be able to shake you.