g-log sth2

The data logger for your measurement tasks

In order to answer a number of questions relating to the securing of cargo, transport damage and the design of packaging, it is imperative to know the real level of mechanical stress involved. In the field of logistics systems, handling devices and all means of conveying man and goods, it is also possible to measure acceleration in order to examine whether norms and limits are being observed, and draw conclusions on errors where appropriate. Often known as shock loggers, data loggers record events such as impact or vibrations, or environmental influences, over a long period of time. They are comparable to black boxes, collecting and protocolling data completely autonomously. The measurement devices developed by Solve are also able to record – completely autonomously – acceleration, and various further environmental influences such as temperature or humidity.
  • Sturdy aluminium housing, IP65
  • Measuring range: ± 5g |± 35g | ± 70g (other ranges on demand)
  • Event-controlled acceleration measurement (curves) in 3 axes
  • Information on date and time protocolled in each record
  • Data simple to assess: read via USB, analyse on your personal computer
  • Standard batteries for low operating costs
  • Length of battery life > 24 months
  • Time-controlled temperature and humidity measurements via external combination sensor (optional)

Depending on the use to which they are applied, data loggers from the «g-log STH» series register a wide range of different measurement data. For example, any knocks or bumps that occur during transit can be registered, this information being stored together with the exact time at which they occurred. Not only can the curve recorder register the peak of any acceleration, but it can also detail the exact time-scale of the process in three axes.

The device is unique in that it is able to register not only vibrations, but also the current position of the product. This means that if the goods are tilted, this can also be registered. In addition to vibrations, the device can also record further environmental influences such as humidity and temperature via an external combination sensor (g-log sthX series). Users can dictate the switching threshold on a situational basis.

Areas of application
  • Transport monitoring
  • Checking & optimising packaging
  • Quality control during transit
  • Monitoring hazardous goods
  • Monitoring the everyday use of sensitive devices
  • Checking and using handling equipment
LogView Software

To analyse, administer or assess g-log sth2 records, you’ll need the appropriate software. LogView enables you to visualise all events – whether in graphic or table form.